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What is the concentration content in vape oil

13/12/2023 By AME-li Off

1、Definition of nicotine concentration of vape oil: it is the number of milligrams of nicotine contained in each milliliter of vape oil.

2、Choose the concentration of tobacco oil according to your smoking addiction.

Calculation and selection of nicotine content in vape oils

Different vapes have different nicotine content, and everyone has different cravings for cigarettes as well as different amounts of cigarettes smoked per day. In order to choose the most suitable tobacco oil for transitioning from cigarettes to vapes, you should consider the following factors:

Calculate the nicotine content of vapes:

For example, if each vape you smoke has a nicotine content of 1.1 (nicotine content = nicotine content, which will be marked on the left side of the carton), then the following:

1.1 x 30 cigarettes = 33 mg.

The average person consumes about 3 to 4 ml of tobacco oil per day. If you consume 2ml of tobacco oil per day, 11mg is recommended.

These results are just rough tips that you can use as a reference. After using vapes for a few days, you should know whether you need to increase or decrease the nicotine content in your vape. Here we can’t suggest what concentration is better for you, because only you know your situation and only you can feel the feeling of the oil.

From the current situation, most e-players choose 6MG, which is enough for both throat hit and taste. However, if you have just started to quit smoking, please choose a higher concentration so that your withdrawal reaction will not be so strong.

There are three phenomena that users like to choose:

1) If you like vapes with a large amount of smoke: then when choosing a cigarette oil for your favorite cigarette, please choose a high VG vape.

2) If you are an vape player and want a strong throat hit and a moderate amount of smoke: please choose a low nicotine oil.

3) If you want a unique flavor: choose a low nicotine oil.

What are the benefits of choosing low nicotine oil?

1. The body absorbs nicotine differently in acidic and alkaline environments. Nicotine in an alkaline environment is less addictive and less harmful. However, when smoking or vaping vapes, the nicotine is present in an acidic environment and evaporates when the lungs inhale enough water vapor. This just avoids the coughing caused by nicotine irritation. This is when nicotine is absorbed from the alveoli. Due to the large alveolar absorption area, the blood circulation can reach the brain within 10 seconds, so the addictive properties are very strong.

2, inhalation of alkaline nicotine vapor will stimulate the pharynx, trachea and bronchial tubes, causing cough. Cough receptors are present only in the pharynx, trachea and main bronchi, but not in the bronchi and alveoli. Nicotine inhalers, live tobacco, dry tobacco and cigars all fall into this category. Cigar smokers just taste the flavor, and so do nicotine inhalers.

Advice from AME vape manufacturers

What is the right amount of nicotine in vape liquid? Some people will gradually smoke more and more after using vapes, so when choosing the nicotine concentration of the liquid, we try to choose the lower one. If you are addicted to smoking at first, you may not get used to it, but after smoking for a day or two, you will gradually get used to AME.


Whether you use vapes instead of cigarettes or quit smoking, you need an adaptation process. When smoking vapes, as long as you exercise a little restraint and don’t smoke real cigarettes, quitting smoking is not a problem at all. Your body and breathing will feel more comfortable and smooth after using vapes.