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Disposable Vape

Pod mod, 510 thread, suitable for pod vape

AME not only sells finished vape products, we also sell vape accessories, contact us!

Welcome to learn about Vapes Manufacturers - AME

Top Vape Brands/10 Years Vape Custom Manufacturing Experience/China Famous Vape Wholesale Factory/Vape OEM/ODM Manufacturer

AME, as one of the earliest vape factories in China, is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is the most centralized area for vape manufacturing in world. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been committed to the innovation and development of the vape industry. We are proud of the 35 patents and many certifications we have obtained in this field: such as CE, ROHS, TPD, GS, SGS, PSE, ISO and so on. It signifies that we have been consistently successful in technological innovation and product quality.e-cigarette

Market Reach

AME is a professional vape manufacturer and innovator. We invest heavily in research and development, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to provide our customers with unique, high-performance vape products. Our products include the ame vape series, a portable, disposable vape with a wide range of fruit flavors for all occasions and needs. ame vape is made with salt-based nicotine, which provides a stronger throat feel and longer lasting satisfaction. ame vape also has an elegant look and simple operation, no need to recharge or refill, just inhale and enjoy. ame is proud to have partnered with customers from over 70 countries and regions and is proud of the long term relationships we have built. We understand and respect the cultural differences of different regions and strive to pursue globalized cooperation while maintaining sensitivity to local markets.and strive to pursue globalized cooperation while maintaining sensitivity to the local market.


Our Professional Services

Wholesale Vape

Yes, AME accepts wholesale vape orders. As a vape wholesaler, if you are a supermarket, online store, vape experience or other organization that needs to buy vapes in large quantities, we can provide personalized quotes and services.

Custom Vapes

We can realize your customized vape ideas for you, no matter how small your needs are, no matter how different your needs are, we will turn them into reality and provide you with a one-stop vape production service of design, research and development, and production.

OEM Vape

AME as a professional brand vape OEM supplier, produces and supplies disposable vape, refillable vape and other vape series products. We have a strong e-cigarette technical team to provide vape OEM service for our customers and partners.

ODM Vape

AME is a leader in ODM vape services, we provide one-stop solutions to help you get to market quickly.AME is committed to providing you with unique ODM vape solutions, from design to technological innovation.AME's ODM services are available around the globe, partnering with us will give you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Exploration and Advancements

Robust Research and Development Capabilities

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AME Brand Story

Provide full range of high quality vape wholesale/OEM/ODM services for your brands

AME is a professional vape manufacturer, located in Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, since the establishment of modern equipment and professional production workshop, design, research and development, production and sales as one of the vape company. The company employs senior professional and technical personnel to form the R & D team can be customized according to your needs individually designed to fully meet your needs, more than 10 years has been focusing on electronic cigarette technology research and development and innovation, “quality first, pioneering and innovative” as the concept of modernization of the lean production management model, demanding quality requirements and inspection standards to provide customers with high-quality products and high efficiency. AME currently has more than 10,000 square meters of vape production workshop and more than 700 people in the production team, the daily production capacity of up to 200,000 pcs or more. Our business mainly covers cigarette cartridges, vape oil, atomizers, POD vapes, disposable vapes, CBD vape, vape accessories and so on.

How AME Works

With years of manufacturing experience, AME provides the best solutions for all vape wholesale and customization/OEN/ODM needs. We simplify the innovation cycle into three simple but effective steps.

Select Vape Products
Select the products you want on our website and contact us for vape product details.
Get Wholesale Price of Vape
Depending on the quantity and requirements of your order, we will give you a wholesale price of vapes which is lower than the market price.
Logistics Shipment
After confirming the product and price, we will ship your bulk purchase from our warehouse.
Understand the Custom/OEM/ODM Requirements
Communicate with us about your e-cigarette customization/OEM/ODM requirements, including model, color, packaging, logo design, etc..
Sample Confirmation
Before formal production, we will give you the samples of e-cigarettes. And send it to you by express delivery, you can modify the sample for many times until you are satisfied.
Sign the Contract
Once the sample is confirmed, sign the contract. Make sure the contract includes all the customization requirements, such as product specifications, packaging requirements, quantity, price, production period, payment method, etc.
Logistic Shipment
Once the customized products are completed, arrange packaging and logistics. Ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation, AME will choose a reliable logistics partner to ensure that the goods arrive at the destination on time.

Brands We Have Served

AME has established long-term and solid relationships with many well-known vape brands around the world, not only providing them with excellent products, but also flexibly adjusting the production line according to the market demand to ensure that customers’ needs are maximized.

Our Vape Workshop

AME’s vape dust-free production workshop strictly adheres to the modern working environment of 6S production management principles. In the production workshop, the 6S (sorting, rectification, sweeping, cleaning, standardization, training) principle is regarded as a key production management guideline, aiming to improve efficiency, ensure quality, protect employee safety, and make the entire production process smoother.


Feel the Smoke

Explore Our Selection of Top-Quality Vaporizer Flavors Today!


Feel the Smoke

Explore Our Selection of Top-Quality Vaporizer Flavors Today!


As a China Vape manufacturer, we know that quality is the foundation for a company’s long-term survival, and we always adhere to the principle of quality first!

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