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Our story

Dongguan Huamaosheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise that designs, develops, produces, and sells electronic cigarettes. The company has two production bases in Dongguan and Hong Kong. The production base has a manufacturing workshop of more than 3,000 square meters built in accordance with GMP standards, equipped with advanced quality control testing instruments, equipped with advanced laboratories for R&D design and product testing, and has 500 production employees. The company has engineering design experts with strong technical skills, a production and manufacturing team with standardized management, and a trade and marketing team with a global perspective. It provides customers with ODM and OEM manufacturing models to meet customers’ needs for innovative product development, independent brands, and customized production. need. Since 2013, the company has provided healthy, fashionable and technological e-cigarette products to customers in more than 100 countries or regions around the world. The AME brand independently created by the company has been promoted to the international and domestic markets.

Company Certification

Dongguan Huamaosheng Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing safe, healthy and fashionable products for global e-cigarette consumers. Our products have been tested or certified by third-party testing agencies for CE/FCC/RoHS/FD and other items, and meet the market supervision standards of the EU and the United States, and the product materials meet food-grade standards. The products are exported to medical institutions in the United States and to mass consumer markets such as North America, the European Union, Japan and South Korea, and have received the highest standards of market recognition.

Dongguan Huamaosheng Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong strategic partnership with vape liquid manufacturers, oil injection machine manufacturers and other supply chain stakeholders. From the preparation of vape oil, to the design, research and development, manufacturing, and packaging of vape, as well as providing customers with various types of vape refueling machines, we are able to provide customers with all (one-stop) supply chain solutions. .

Laboratory Research and Development

We have laboratories with advanced equipments, which can be used for the development of new products and the research and development of new materials; we can also carry out scenario simulation tests in various extreme environments and simulation tests of pressure and vibration during transportation before putting the products on the market, so as to provide favorable experimental support for the innovativeness, safety and reliability of the products.

Market Scope

Our market is all over the world, we have English, French, Russian and other multi-language foreign trade salespersons, who are able to fluently communicate with customers in various countries, understand the customs, logistics and market information of each country, provide customers with fast logistics routes, and provide customers with professional guidance on customs clearance.

Corporate Manifesto

We build a diversified team and open up diversified ideas. We are a globally oriented company, we look at the world, with innovative technology, good quality, excellent service, to provide diversified experience for our customers, consumers. Today, to close the distance between you and me in this world is to understand each other with diversified thoughts, and also to convey the same feeling with our products.

We pursue a free life and liberate ourselves from constraints. In our design, we use the idea of freedom and innovation to break through all kinds of technical and industrial problems, and create every product that makes the consumer experience better. Consumers all over the world use our products and enjoy their own freedom, at that moment, relaxation, thinking, pleasure, we accompany each other.

We take the responsibility of society and implement the value of goodness. We take care of the earth and produce in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly way. We love our employees and provide them with a favorable production environment. We encourage our customers to sell their products in accordance with local laws and policies, and we encourage businesses not to sell to underage consumers, and we encourage consumers to know the information about the products before using them. While enjoying our freedom, we also need to take due responsibility.