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CBD Vape Micro 1.4Ω heating wire-MS012(MSRP$9.9 Each)


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1. Capacity: 1.0ml / 0.5ml/0.8ml
2. Resistance: 1.4Ω
3. Oil inlet hole diameter: 4*1.8mm
5. Product diameter: 10.5mm
6. 1.0ml height: 64MM, net weight: 13.G
7. 0.5ml height: 55mm, net weight: 11.G
8. Color: black
9. Heating wire: ceramic heating wire
10. Material: environmentally friendly copper plating + glass
11. Packaging: Foam 100PCS/box 100PCS/carton
12. Weight per box: 0.5ML 12.9KG/carton
13. Weight per box: 1.0ML 14.3KG/carton
14. Outer box size: 48*40*21.5CM

This Vape presents a variety of capacity options, including 1.0ml, 0.5ml and 0.8ml, and is equipped with a 1.4Ω resistance, providing users with a richer smoking experience that meets individual needs.

Its characteristic design includes an oil hole diameter of 4*1.8mm, ensuring a sufficient supply of e-liquid and making the smoke smoother and more delicate. The product is only 10.5mm in diameter and its lightweight appearance makes it ideal for portable smoking.

Vape Pods vary in size and net weight depending on capacity. The 1.0ml capacity Pod is 64mm high and has a net weight of 13 grams, while the 0.5ml capacity Pod is 55mm high and has a net weight of 11 grams. This design not only meets the individual needs of e-liquid capacity, but also meets the user’s expectations for light portability.

The unique appearance is dominated by deep colors, showing a stylish and low-key atmosphere. The use of ceramic heating wire ensures users to enjoy a purer and longer-lasting smoking experience. The material is made of environmentally friendly gold-plated copper and glass, which has both a sense of nobility and an environmentally friendly concept.

In terms of packaging, each box is packed with bubbles, 100PCS/box, which is convenient for retailers to sell in bulk. Each carton contains 100 Pods. Each box with 0.5ml capacity weighs 12.9kg, and each box with 1.0ml capacity weighs 14.3kg. The outer packaging size is lightweight and convenient for storage and bulk transportation.

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CBD Vape Micro 1.4Ω heating wire-MS012(MSRP$9.9 Each)
CBD Vape Micro 1.4Ω heating wire-MS012(MSRP$9.9 Each)
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