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MS022-Vape CBD 250mah-Customizable Cbd Vape Wholesale


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Let’s paint an image of this vape device:

This Vape device named MS022 has become the focus of smokers with its exquisite appearance and powerful performance. Its body shape is light and charming, with dimensions of 32.5*10.8*85mm, and its compact body contains a powerful core. It is equipped with a 250mAh lithium battery. Although it is small in size, the power is long enough to meet your needs for a whole day.

Not only that, the oil tank capacity of MS022 is 2ml, which is enough to hold a large amount of atomization liquid, allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting and pleasant smoking experience. Its unique 1.2*1.8mm aperture design ensures excellent atomization effect. The mist is soft and delicate, allowing you to feel the ultimate comfort every time you smoke.

In terms of performance, the MS022 excels. Its built-in 1.2-1.4Ω resistor, combined with the 3.7-volt voltage output, brings stable and strong output power, allowing you to feel the full flavor and rich taste in every sip of mist. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can easily control this excellent Vape device and enjoy the ultimate smoking pleasure.

To sum up, MS022 has become a shining pearl in the Vape market with its compact and exquisite appearance, powerful and stable performance and rich and diverse functions, bringing a new smoking experience to all types of smokers.

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MS022-Vape CBD 250mah-Customizable Cbd Vape Wholesale
MS022-Vape CBD 250mah-Customizable Cbd Vape Wholesale
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