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What is a sub-ohm vape

21/02/2024 By AME-li Off

Sub-Ohm vaping, or Sub-Ohm Vaping, is a smoking technology with complex and fascinating science behind it.

A vape is an electronic device that simulates the experience of a traditional cigarette by heating and atomizing a nicotine-containing liquid (often called e-liquid or e-liquid). Unlike traditional cigarettes, vape does not burn tobacco, but inhales the mist produced by heating the e-liquid. The mist does not contain the harmful chemicals released when burned in traditional cigarettes and is therefore considered relatively safe.

Sub-ohm vape is a technological advancement in the field of vape. Its name comes from the description of the coil resistance used in the vape. In vaping, the resistance of a coil is usually measured in ohms (Ω). While the coil resistance used in sub-ohm vaping is less than one ohm, hence it is called sub-ohm.

The core of a sub-ohm vape is the atomizer, which is the component in the vape device responsible for heating and atomizing the e-liquid. Sub-ohm atomizers are more advanced in design and are able to handle lower coil resistance, allowing greater current to flow through the coil, producing more heat. In this way, a sub-ohm vape can produce more vapor in a short time and provide a more intense and satisfying smoking experience.

For smokers, the appeal of a sub-ohm vape is its ability to produce larger amounts of smoke and deliver a richer flavor. Compared to traditional vapes, sub-ohm devices typically feature more powerful batteries and larger liquid capacities, allowing users to enjoy a long-lasting smoking experience for longer periods of time. The popularity of this technology has also fueled the growth of the smoking community, with many smokers turning to sub-ohm vapes in search of a more satisfying and personalized smoking experience.

However, it’s worth noting that sub-ohm vaping isn’t for everyone. Due to its higher power and greater smoke production, sub-ohm smoking may not be suitable for first-time vape users or those with restrictions on nicotine levels. In addition, sub-ohm smoking also requires more maintenance and precautions to ensure safety and continued performance.

Advantages of Sub-Ohm Vape

increased smoke production

Sub-ohm vape has a greater smoke production than traditional vape, which is one of its major advantages. This is because the design of sub-ohm devices allows more current to pass through the coil, generating more heat and thus atomizing more e-liquid into inhalable mist. For many users, the greater volume of smoke produces a more immersive and satisfying smoking experience.

Enhanced flavor

Sub-ohm vapes are able to deliver richer and more intense flavors because low-resistance coils generally atomize e-liquid more efficiently, allowing flavors to appear more prominently on the user’s taste buds. Compared with traditional vape, sub-ohm devices can better release the aroma components in e-liquid, making the smoking experience more pleasant.

warmer mist

Sub-ohm vapes typically produce a warmer mist, which is an added advantage for some users. Compared with the cooler mist produced by traditional vape, the warmer mist can provide a more comfortable and pleasant smoking experience. This warm mist is especially popular for those who enjoy throat irritation.


Sub-ohm vape devices offer a wide range of customization options, which allows users to tailor the smoking experience to their personal preferences. From adjusting power and temperature to choosing different types of coils, users can customize their smoking device to suit their tastes and preferences. This level of personal customization has made sub-ohm vapes the first choice for many users.

The best modes for sub-ohm vape

Choosing the right mode is essential to enjoying sub-ohm smoking fun and safely

Power output

Choosing the best model for sub-ohm vaping starts with considering power output. Sub-ohm smoking generally requires higher power output for optimal smoke production and flavor. It is recommended to choose a device with a power range of 50W or above to ensure that you have enough power to meet the needs of sub-ohm smoking.

temperature control

In addition to power output, temperature control is also one of the important factors in choosing the best sub-ohm vape mode. Advanced equipment is often equipped with temperature control features, which help prevent coil overheating and dry burning, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and user. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to choose a device with temperature control, it is undoubtedly a good choice.

Build quality

Choosing the best sub-ohm vape model also requires considering the build quality of the device. Premium build quality not only ensures the stability and durability of the device, but also provides better safety and performance. Therefore, it is recommended to choose equipment from well-known manufacturers so that you can enjoy the smoking experience with more confidence.


Last, but not least, consider device compatibility. Making sure you choose a device that is compatible with sub-ohm atomizers and coils will ensure that the device is capable of maximizing performance while avoiding headaches caused by compatibility issues. Before purchasing a device, be sure to read the product instructions carefully and make sure the device you choose is compatible with the atomizer and coils you already have.

Best power for sub-ohm vape

The importance of choosing the best wattage for a sub-ohm vape, here are some tips on how to determine which sub-ohm smoking experience is best for you.

Low resistance coil (0.1-0.5 ohms)

For low resistance coils, higher power is usually required to achieve best results. The resistance of these coils is lower, allowing more current to pass through the coil, generating more heat and thus atomizing more e-liquid. The recommended power range is usually between 40W and 100W, which ensures you get enough smoke and flavor.

Medium resistance coil (0.5-1.0 ohms)

Medium resistance coils require relatively low power, usually between 20W and 40W. These coils have a higher resistance and therefore require less power to produce adequate smoke and flavor. Choosing the right power ensures you get a satisfying smoking experience that’s neither too strong nor too mild.

Adjustable power

Many sub-ohm vape devices come with adjustable power, which allows users to adjust according to personal preference. By experimenting with different power settings, you can find the sub-ohm smoking experience that works best for you. It is recommended to start with a lower power and gradually adjust to the power level that you feel most comfortable and satisfied with.

Other factors to consider

In addition to coil resistance and wattage, there are a few other factors to consider. For example, the viscosity and taste of e-liquid will also affect the choice of optimal power. More concentrated e-liquids generally require higher wattage for optimal results, while more dilute e-liquids may require lower wattage. Additionally, personal preferences and smoking habits can influence the choice of optimal power.